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Last updated on 21 February 2022

Parish Leadership


Fr John Ho

Parish Priest

St John the Evangelist Parish

Fr Feleki Tautunu

Assistant Priest

St John the Evangelist Parish
Chaplain, Samoan Community

Fr Richard Healey

Assistant Priest

St John the Evangelist Parish

  • Marilyn Baert, Parish Secretary (Tuesday – Wednesday)
  • Michelle Quinn, Parish Secretary (Thursday – Friday)

Parish Leadership Team

The role of St John the Evangelist’s Parish Leadership Team (PLT) is to support our Parish Priest, Fr John, as we work towards the achievement of our Parish Vision. This involves working closely with our ministries and initiating programs within our parish so that, as a worshipping community, we can participate ever more fully in the mission of Christ.
The PLT is made up of our Parish Priest – Fr John, our Assistant Priests – Fr Feleki and Fr Richard, and four lay members of our parish.

Our current members are:

Mary Ellen Bland
Parish Leadership Team
<a href="https://sjec.org.au/people/trish-coffey/" data-type="post" data-id="449">Trish Coffey</a>
Trish Coffey
Parish Leadership Team
<a href="https://sjec.org.au/people/philip-dean/" data-type="post" data-id="499">Phil Dean</a>
Phil Dean
Chair, Parish Leadership Team
Julie Smith
Parish Leadership Team

The PLT is happy to receive your feedback on all aspects of parish life and can be contacted via the Parish Office on office@sjec.org.au or on (02) 4625 8044.

Parish Finance Council

The PFC is a group of parishioners with expertise who offer advice to the parish priest on parish financial matters.

Key parish locations. The parish primary school is the red-roofed building to the left of the church.
Current boundaries of the Campbelltown Parish (in red).
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